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A structured approach to aid in creating and enhancing your programs and projects.


Through this service, Katalyst employs a structured approach to aid in creating and enhancing your programs and projects, enabling you to fulfill your mission effectively.


We will collaborate with your team through personalized, one-on-one consultations to develop concise language that details your project's most vital components.

Who is this ideal for?

Program Design is ideal for nonprofit organizations launching a new program/project, struggling to
articulate an existing program, or need to refresh the details of a program that may have evolved over
the years.

How will Program Design help my organization?

Our experience has shown that many nonprofits need help describing their programs concisely and
accurately. Often, what happens on the ground differs from what was written in a grant – causing internal
frustrations and, worse, failure to fulfill a grant award. Creating a reference guide for each of your ongoing
programs and short-term projects provides clarity for your staff/consultants on the overall goals and
resources required.

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What will my organization walk away with?

  1. Clarity around the program’s purpose, strategic goals, and operations

  2. A detailed “SOURCE” document to inform staff conversations, marketing content, and fundraising

  3. A draft Program Budget

  4. An editable program design document that outlines:

✓ Purpose Statement (Why does this program/project exist)
✓ Program Description Statement (Summary Introduction)
✓ Target Audience Activity
✓ S.M.A.R.T Goals/Objectives
✓ Evaluation measures (overview of data tracking tools/processes)
✓ Program activities, strategies/methodologies, and timelines (inputs)
✓ Location of services (online/in-person)
✓ Program leadership overview (position details, not person-specific)
✓ Program flow charts/graphs (if applicable)

    5. A final program abstract, "Your program at a glance."

What’s the process?

  1. Complete a kick-off call to introduce participants, assess current realities, outline the process, and
    establish initial tasks/timelines

  2. Submit relevant materials to Katalyst for review (such as target audience, service locations,
    frequency, etc.)

  3. Initial design/strategy call to establish a goals and outcomes framework and identify follow-up

  4. Submit proposed metrics/additional requested content to Katalyst

  5. Complete a strategy call to define program methodologies and high-level activities

  6. Submit activities and timeline charts to Katalyst

  7. Complete a content review call

  8. Katalyst develops a final draft

  9. Final review and revisions

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